[How To] Muck Boot repair

[How To] Muck Boot repair

I am a big fan of Muck Boots. I have a pair of Field Blazers that I bought at Bass Pro on sale a couple years ago. They’ve held up well through moderate use but as I was packing them for an Arkansas duck hunting trip, I noticed a big tear in the neoprene upper.

Muck Boot repair

Not wanting to spend $100+ on new boots unless I had to, I decided to try to patch them. I found two products that may work individually, but together certainly did the job.
Aquaseal ($6.99)
Tear-Aid Type A patch kit ($7.99)

I linked to Cabela’s but you can find both products at Bass Pro or your local sporting goods store, or Amazon.

I tried Tear-Aid first but after careful application, water was still able to slowly seep around the patched area. For general wear this would probably be fine, but I need them absolutely watertight. So I picked up a tube of Aquaseal and liberally applied it over the Tear-Aid patch with a good 1/2-inch margin all around. After curing overnight, I filled a large tub with water and tested the boot – no leaks!

I’m packing both the Tear-Aid patch kit and the tube of Aquaseal on my hunting trip. Leaky waders should not be a concern!

On a side note, I went ahead and tried on a pair of the new Under Armour H.A.W. boots, and looked at the LaCrosse Alpha Mudlight boots. The LaCrosse boots appear to have a much tougher neoprene upper that might not puncture as easily. The UA boots were comfortable but fit a little big. Either brand was $129.

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